New Logo, Identity, and Packaging for Brown’s Brewing Company by id29

Established in 1993 (originally as Brown & Moran Brewing Company), Brown’s Brewing Company is a craft brewery in Troy, NY, where they operate two taprooms (with pub fare) and two private event spaces. Their main production facility (and where one of their taprooms lives) sits on a wonderful location on the banks of the historic Walloomsac River and where they are able to produce over 20,000 barrels of beer for wholesale retail distribution in the region. They brew three year-round beers, around four seasonal beers, four “Revolution Series” beer of adventurous flavors, and a slew of one-off concoctions. Over the course of 2017, Brown’s Brewing Company rolled out a new identity and packaging designed by local firm id29, who also designed the previous identity and packaging in 2003.

I liked all the fuzzy detailing in the old logo; the engraved illustration of the brewery was particularly good but after a 13 – 14 years I can see how a change would be welcome, especially with the growing trend of simplification. The new logo maintains the basic structure of the old one but dials down the detail considerably and minimizes the role of the brewery building, which now serves more as an accent than an anchor to the logo. There are some weird proportions and angles to it when seen big but I like its integration into the holding shape. The wordmark is almost the same but with some changes that make it more cohesive (whereas before “BRO” was too condensed in contrast to “WN’S”) and easier to use in other applications as a standalone mark. The map of New York state and the date could have easily been skipped as they look tacked on instead of well integrated and the inner shadow in the holding shape is kind of confusing. Overall, though, the logo is more functional and cleaner.


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