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A small design studio with reasonable minds, who creates simple, attractive logos specially and specifically for your business, keeping all aspects in mind. Logoswitch is a community, where different minds come together to make impact.

Special price. Awesome results.

At Logoswitch, we think in the round. We must, these days. We always put the fundamentals in place. For example, when we create an ad campaign, we consider how it will look on screen and on paper. When we create a new brand identity, we provide Crystal Mark instructions. We cover all touch points, from tone of voice to typography. And from image rights to the opacity of a given Photoshop filter. While this level of detail sounds pedantic, It keeps our pencil sharp, and our clients in the headlines, for the right reasons.



A great brand doesn’t happen by accident. It can be thought of as the essence of your company, and must be reflected in every aspect of your operations. “Quality is Job One.” “Think different.” “When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.”

We promise to deliver quality products or services in this area. We promise that we’ll outperform our competition. We promise that you will be so satisfied that you’ll want to remember us.


We Continue to provide value and find ways to engage with clients by creating content that continues to help solve problems, educate them or be entertaining. Stay top of mind and focus on being a resource for clients well.

Understanding that there is a process to selling effectively in the digital space will net your brand more traffic, higher sales and happier clients. When digital sales and marketing goals align, the end result is a boost to brand satisfaction and bottom line.

Happy Brands

We plan it, we set down a timeline with milestones and everyone is happy. We then complete our first task that requires feedback and wait for the response on the date mutually agreed. From creating an intake process to strategies for building trust.

35+ Clients and Counting

170+ Projects To Date

Let’s Build A Brand Together

We will be happy to help you take your business to the next level.